Making Progress at Stephen Avenue

Our soon-to-open cafe on Stephen Avenue is getting closer by the day. It’s located on the corner of 8th Ave and Centre Street in the historical Hudson Block Building.

The walls and ceilings are all done, the decorative lights and the “guts” of our bar have been installed. Next up is the floor, tile, floor paneling and a large feature shelving unit – more on many of these elements to come in a future post.


View of the bar from the seating area


View from the bar to the seating area and windows overlooking Stephen Ave.

The space design, conceived by Toker & Associates, takes advantage of the natural light in the space, and the high ceilings. The space is bright and open and, through a collaboration with Plant, it will feature complementary greenery.  One can see the beginnings of the design in these photos.

We’re very excited about what’s coming in the next few weeks in the space. Stay tuned to our Instagram for more real-time updates.

– Sebastian and Phil



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