Mobile Cafe Experience

No one likes drinking bad coffee at events. Everyone likes meeting for coffee at one of our cafes. It isn’t rocket science: bring the Phil & Sebastian café experience to your next meeting or event and help raise the (espresso) bar!

Armed with a state of the art GS3 Espresso machine set to the exact specifications of our cafes, let the barista come to you to deliver the meticulously crafted and locally roasted flavour of Phil & Sebastian. Our simple and stylish café setup will thoughtfully enhance your event space and leave your guests feeling inspired, energized and ready to take on the next session or turn on the dance floor!

Weddings & Socials

Corporate Meetings & Conferences

Festivals & Pop ups


Book your Mobile Café Experience

Email with all of these details and we will get back to you within one business day and then we can get started planning!

  • Date & Time for event
  • Location
  • Number of people attending
  • Description of event including program
  • Other beverage service available


All we need from you is a 6ft table and access to power – 2 separate 15amp circuits covers all our equipment! Add a third 15amp circuit if your party is so happening that we are bringing two baristas.

We will need access to your event space 60mins prior to the event start, no more no less!

We will need access to the loading dock (or somewhere with a ramp) because while our mobile espresso machine is small, it is anything but light!

Unfortunately, we are not setup to accept payment per coffee onsite. We will invoice you directly for the full amount.

You know it! The only thing we ask is that a tent backup plan be setup in case the wild Calgary weather takes a turn for the worse during setup. Keep in mind we will still need access to power and a table.