Espresso: Gillio Francesa // Costa Rica


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Espresso: Gillio Francesa // Costa Rica


Gillio is in his late eighties, and has been producing coffee most of his adult life. He lives in a humble house right next to the property where his coffee grows (hence the farm name “La Casa”). We have been working with Gillio since 2010 and, even at his old age, he has been willing to change and adopt new techniques. As a result, his coffee has changed for the better.

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Tasting Notes

Toasted Walnut / White Chocolate / Floral

Flavour Profile

Approachable Exotic
Clear selection

Gillio’s coffee is unique in the West Valley. It grows near the altitude limit for the region (close to 1800m), which produces unusually dense coffee for the region. Gillio is truly blessed with great growing conditions for quality coffee. Sebastian has had the pleasure of cupping nearly every production lot of Gillio’s coffee since 2010 and they always stand out on the cupping table. The coffee is consistently rich in sugars, tropical, and vibrant.

While his coffee has always been great, Gillio’s ability to realize the coffee’s potential has been a bit inconsistent over the years. This is mostly due to the fact that processing coffee is very hard work. At his age it was proving very difficult, especially given the fact that he doesn’t have any help from his family. In 2015, he decided to focus solely on the agriculture side and outsource his processing which, in our opinion, was the right move for him and his coffee.

Now, during the harvest, Gillio tirelessly tends to his trees and hires pickers to assist with the cherry picking, for which he has very strict standards. Gillio asked our mutual friend, Francisco Mena, to process his coffee at Francisco’s mill: Sumava. In 2016, Francisco built a state of the art mill and has implemented strong quality protocols for the processing and drying. This change has really benefited Gillio.

Sumava uses a yellow honey process with Gillio’s coffee and managed the drying in raised beds. The natural conditions for drying at Sumava are quite nice, with sunny mornings, overcast afternoons and a constant refreshing breeze. We’re very happy with this harvest from Gillio and proud to work with him and represent his coffee. This green coffee was frozen immediately on arrival in Calgary, to preserve freshness.

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