Decaf: Montañas // Costa Rica


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Decaf: Montañas // Costa Rica


The Gutierrez family operate their aptly named farm “Montañas del Diamante” in the picturesque region of Santa María de Dota, in the southern extremity of the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. “Montañas del Diamante” translates to Mountain of the Diamond, the diamond in this case being the coffee that grows on the mountain.

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Tasting Notes

Dark Chocolate / Brazil Nut / Grape

Flavour Profile

Approachable Exotic
Clear selection

Despite the fact that the farm is one of the largest in the region, Sebastian was quite impressed by the rigorous quality-oriented processes at their mill. Sebastian cupped several lots from their production and found this specific one extremely balanced with strong notes of honey and subtle hints of stone fruit.

The region of Dota is known for some of the most exciting coffees in Costa Rica. We love this area and have been working there since 2010 with the likes of Ricardo Calderon, Omar Calderon and, more recently, Roger Ureña. The conditions are great for growing coffee: high elevations, hot and dry summers, and rich soils.

Like many of their neighbours, the Gutierrez family used to sell their coffee fruit to the local coop. In 2009, the family decided to invest in a new mill and began processing their coffee under the name Montañas del Diamante. Their farms are located at approximately 1650m, and they grow mostly Catuaí with some Caturra trees throughout. The main processing method at the farm is white honey, a process in which the coffee is mechanically washed but left with a miniscule layer of mucilage. White honey has gained a great deal of popularity in Costa Rica and has grown to become the most common processing method in the country.

This coffee was decaffeinated by our friends at Swiss Water in Burnaby, BC. Although their exact process is proprietary, the general principle of Swiss Water decaffeination is that the green coffee is passed through water that is saturated in coffee flavour compounds and oils extracted from the same batch of green coffee. The green coffee is soaked in this saturated solution and the caffeine is extracted (through temperature and time) until 99.9% of the original caffeine content has been eliminated. The key to this method is the saturated solution because if plain water was used, the flavour compounds and oils would be extracted along with the caffeine, leaving tasteless decaffeinated green coffee. This coffee was harvested in the second half of February of 2017, making this a very fresh batch of decaf coffee. Immediately upon arriving in Calgary from Costa Rica, we sent this coffee to the Swiss Water decaffeination facility. On its return to Calgary, the green of this decaf was frozen, to preserve freshness.

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