Sourcing and roasting exceptional coffees is an all-consuming fervor and we love to find partners with a passion that rivals our own. With our wholesale program, we strive to not only supply amazing coffee that will make your menu shine, but for a lasting partnership where we can work with you to help your business grow.

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Yes! Our extensive wholesale training program is created to make sure you get the experience you need. Our four busy cafes in Calgary demonstrate first hand that an investment in staff training pays off. All of our highly skilled baristas have undergone extensive in-house coffee training. Using this knowledge, we’ll develop a training plan and schedule that works for you in order to create a quality-focused coffee program at your cafe or restaurant.

Yes! With awesome equipment, you have the right tools to ensure the coffee tastes great. Knowing this, we try to make the finest equipment accessible to you and will recommend the options that best suit your business’ needs. Our equipment expertise is rooted in extensive testing, as we’ve put many espresso machines and grinders through rigorous evaluations to ensure we can help you decide which would work best for you. Additionally, we have developed relationships with several manufacturers and are able to offer competitive pricing on equipment.

Absolutely. Our coffee program can be tailored to fit the specific requirements for your restaurant. Contact us for more details.

Simply put, we want to work with any cafe or restaurant that is willing to put in the time and effort to deliver great coffee. No real experience with coffee is necessary. It’s our job to equip you with the knowledge! And most importantly, it’s our job to make this process as easy and painless as possible. That means each setup recommendation is tailored to fit a specific scenario. The equipment and process we recommend for use in a restaurant will be very different than, for example, a cafe with more focus on coffee as an offering.

We’ve negotiated fantastic shipping rates with FedEx to Canada and the United States, and we also ship worldwide. We even offer free shipping for wholesale orders over a certain size. Contact us for details.

Yes! We love working with quality cafés in the United States and have been able to negotiate some terrific shipping rates. We even offer free shipping with minimum order size. Contact us for details.

If you’d like to request samples, please fill out the form on the right.

It’s true that 99% of roasters buy coffee through brokers and have access to more-or-less the same coffee. However, our model is quite different. We aren’t satisfied with merely finding great coffee. We play an active role in helping producers improve quality over time. Just call us the 1%.

That’s a fantastic question. To answer it, it’s important to first define what local means. Coffee only grows in the tropics, so although we are fiercely local in many aspects, the very nature of importing coffee is that it is a part of the global marketplace.

Ever since we started roasting and sourcing, our business model is to work directly on the ground with coffee producers to evolve quality collaboratively. So by ordering coffee from us, you are, in fact, getting just about as close to the source of coffee as possible!

Yes. We have a full service office program that can cater to offices of all sizes. Please contact us, we can help!

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