Marda Loop

Marda Loop features light wood panels, high ceilings, and a long coffee bar. We wanted the space to be warm, inviting and elegant, but look different than the average cafe.

2043 33rd Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2T 1Z5, Canada

Manager: Megan Davies

Head Chef: Leslie Morrow

Our brewing methods change frequently. Currently, we’re using the AeroPress method paired with a Mahlkonig EK43 grinder. We use a Cirqua Reverse Osmosis system to deliver water around 70PPM.

We have a Victoria Arduino Black Eagle, which employs gravimetric technology to weigh espresso shots as they are extracted. We are also using Mahlkonig Peak.


Our menu is constantly changing with the seasons and mirrors our coffee program.

Our food philosophy is quite simple. There’s peace of mind in knowing where our food comes from – that the ingredients we use are from small, quality-driven farms, mostly located right here in Alberta. These ingredients are usually only found in high-end restaurants (accompanied by high-end restaurant prices), but we’re committed to using these same artisanal ingredients in a casual cafe menu. Here are some of the producers we work with: Vital Greens, D Dutchmen Dairy, The Fresh Squeeze, Coco Karamel, Winter’s Turkey, Ewe-Nique Farms, Sylvan Star Cheese, Highwood Crossing, Yum Bakery, Valbella and Sidewalk Citizen.

Marda Loop also features a variety of baked goods, treats, sandwiches, soups and salads. We roast our meats in house and make nearly everything in house. We bake most of our baked goods ourselves daily in the Marda Loop kitchen.

Our friendship with Aviv Fried started back in 2008 and we’ve been working with him and his bakery, Sidewalk Citizen, ever since.





We’re as serious about our beer as we are about our coffee. To that end, we endeavour to offer a bottle list that rivals the best in Calgary. We’ll carry seasonal and special releases and look for breweries willing to take risks and push the limits of traditional styles.

Both Sebastian and Phil are passionate about wine, in fact, it was their segue into coffee. As such, we’re very excited to bring unique and approachable wine offerings to our cafes. These are the wines that fly under the radar and quietly way-out-drink their price point.

See Our Current Beer + Wine Menu

Love our Marda Loop cafe for more than just your morning coffee? Host your next meeting or event in our space and discover what else it can do!

For more information about booking your next event contact our very own or visit our cafe rentals page.


Phil & Sebastian love a good party, so bring them and a carrier of freshly brewed coffee with you to the next one – we promise they won’t tell any cheesy jokes.

Call or visit any of our locations to bring Phil & Sebastian to your next gathering. To learn more about your options visit our catering page.






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